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Adult Bible Study

We strive to teach all adults how to apply the essentials of Christianity to their life so the gospel of Christ can be proclaimed every day.

Women’s Ministry

Married mother of 2, single mother of 5, empty nester…whatever season you may be in at the moment, all women need time away from the craziness of life to enjoy community together.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering…What is God’s plan for my life? or Can He really use me? you’re not alone. Lysa TerKeurst has wrestled through those same questions. But she’s also learned that we were absolutely created to participate in God’s divine activity and experience His rich blessings. We just have to say yes to Him!

Through her own struggles, doubts, and honest vulnerability, Lysa will equip you to:

Reignite your passion for the Lord by discovering the incredible opportunities He’s already placed in front of you and the courage to say yes. Know what God is speaking personally to you with practical ways to listen for His voice. Overcome the fear that you’re not doing the Christian life right by learning it’s about perfect surrender, not perfect performance. Apply key teachings to your own situation today with helpful study questions and reflection prompts.

Get ready for a journey of joy and purpose—one that will radically bless you beyond what you can ask or imagine!

See you there!

Men’s Ministry

Whether you’re a guy fresh out of high school, working out your career, or even living that good ole’ retirement life, then this is for you! Every man needs a time to get away from the daily grind to recharge and refocus.

Do You Want to Be Happy?

Everyone wants to be happy. We spend our money, time, and energy chasing our version of the good life. And on the way, we run ourselves into physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. But what if the happiness we’re all striving for isn’t the happiness we were created for?

Pastor and author Dr. Derwin L. Gray believes there is a better road to happiness, and it is found in the Beatitudes of Jesus. In this section of the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus revealed the shocking, countercultural path to true flourishing. It comes not through wealth, fame, or laughter but through poverty, obscurity, and mourning.

True happiness comes from a heart directed toward the kingdom of God and satisfied in Jesus the King. This study demonstrates how Jesus taught us to search for, find, and hold on to the good life.

See you there!